miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Women who consume large quantities of protein foods and/or smoke cigarettes are at risk of suffering a heart attack once their menstrual cycles become irregular or come to an end. The regular loss of menstrual blood practically protects a woman (before menopause) from accumulating dangerous amounts of protein in the bo
dy, as long as the reproductive system functions normally. This may explain why menstruating women before age 40 are generally not at risk of suffering a heart attack, whereas men of that age are. All the different blood values in women under 40 are lower than among men in the same age group. These include red blood cells, hemoglobin, Hemocrit, and the total amount of protein. Research has shown that men aged between 30 and 40 years are six times more likely to die from a heart attack than women of the same age. In fact, heart attacks among menstruating women are extremely rare.
Once a woman’s menstrual cycles subside, if she continues eating animal protein, the level of protein concentration in the blood begins to rise steadily. By the time she is about 50 years old, her risk of suffering a heart attack is nearly the same as it is for a man of the same age. The earlier the menopause begins, the greater the risk. Women whose ovaries have been removed before age 35 have a seven times greater risk of a heart attack than those who have yet to enter menopause.
The hot flushes and reddening of the face, which many women experience during menopause, are most often signs of higher blood values. They indicate that the body has stored excessive amounts of protein, which it can no longer expel with the menstrual blood. It has now been found that a diet consisting of a lot of dairy products hastens the forming of atherosclerotic deposits in a woman’s body even further and causes osteoporosis.

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