jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Andreas Moritz

Harmonious and coherent sounds make you feel healthy and alive. For this reason, music has played a major role in all the cultures of the world, throughout time. Every culture has developed its own particular type of music to suit the specific requirements of the various geographic and climatic conditions in each area.
Music is not just a fundamental need of every culture but a physiological one as well. In the field of health, music has been found to reduce the time of recovery after surgery and to strengthen a patient’s ability to fight infection. Patients are found to need less medication for pain, fewer tranquilizers and sleeping pills when they listen to their favorite music. A large number of American hospitals are already using music for therapeutic reasons. There is music that can reduce appetite, lower blood pressure or induce sleep.
Of course, not all music triggers a healing response. There is a musical frequency for everything that exists, even to cause disease. If you regularly listen to hard rock music, your lymphocytes begin to drop in number, leaving you more prone to infection. Low-pitch sounds can make you feel sad and depressed. For this reason, funeral music uses low pitch sounds. On the other hand, high-pitch sounds can make you feel happy and enthusiastic.
Yet again, as is the case with every other external influence, the responses vary according to body type.

(This is an excerpt from the book ‘IT’S TIME TO COME ALIVE’ by Andreas Moritz)

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