viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

Andreas Moritz

The sun, which allows natural vision and color perception to take place, offers the greatest help in overcoming all sorts of eye problems. Apart from removing gallstones, there cannot be any superior method for improving eyesight than natural sunlight. Eyes cannot function properly without adequate and regular exposure to the sun and most eye problems result from sunlight deficiency. Living beings that live under the ground, like earthworms, have no organs of vision. Where there is no light, there is also no need for a sense of sight. Fish living in dark caves require no eyesight and therefore become blind.
Most miners develop defective eyesight and inflammatory diseases of the eyes. In fact, all people who live in dark places, indoors or under artificial lighting most of the time, develop weak and insufficient eyesight. After living in these or similar conditions for a certain length of time, the light receptor cells of their eyes begin to deteriorate. All cells in the body, including those constituting the eyes, require sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays, to stimulate proper cell growth and cell division. Like the saying ‘use it or lose it’, eyes that lack regular exposure to sunlight gradually ‘wither’ away like flowers that are kept in the dark.

(This is an excerpt from the book ‘IT’S TIME TO COME ALIVE’ by Andreas Moritz)

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