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Andreas Moritz

Cabbage was revered in ancient Rome as a cancer cure. Today, we know its cancer-curing effects are from its numerous anti-cancer and antioxidant compounds. Cabbage speeds up estrogen metabolism, which is thought to help block breast cancer and suppress growth of polyps, a prelude to colon cancer. According to research, eating cabbage more than once a week cut men’s colon cancer odds by as much as 66 percent.
As little as two daily tablespoons of cooked cabbage protected subjects against stomach cancer. Cabbage also contains powerful anti-ulcer compounds; its juice has shown to help heal ulcers in humans. It even has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Red cabbage has twice the fiber as white cabbage. It is known for its balancing effects on blood cholesterol. Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts have similar benefits.
Bok choy, which is brimming with minerals, has been found to lower high blood pressure by 30 points or more. No need for expensive prescription drugs that ruin your liver, kidneys and digestive systems.
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