martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

The natural world can teach us a lot about how to deal with negative emotions. For example, if a wild cat feels frustrated over having missed its prey, it rids itself of that emotion by crying out, jumping up in the air and licking itself until it falls asleep. Upon waking, there is no trace of failure left and the cat is ready for a new hunting experience. Had the cat not removed the frustration through a series of physical movements, the previous failure would have impaired its future ability to catch prey.
We also can negate the stress that has accumulated in us during moments of frustration, anger or disappointment by consciously moving our body into a different posture or mode of activity. For this reason, regular practice of exercises that increase Chi (vital energy) such as Chi-Lel Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Yoga can have a tremendous healing impact on body and mind. Ayurveda suggests that you eliminate tension by giving yourself a massage every day, just as cats do. This relaxes all the muscles in the body and removes repressed emotions.
Negative emotions generally indicate that we are on a path that no longer serves us and we need to make major changes in our life. They serve as our guides and direct us towards a greater sense of well-being and wisdom. We can learn everything about ourselves from these internal ‘teachers’, provided we listen to them.

(This is an excerpt from the book ‘IT’S TIME TO COME ALIVE’ by Andreas Moritz)
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