lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

All teachings come from within. Each person, depending on his/her personal karmic background and unique purpose in life, will receive whatever is necessary to proceed on his/her journey. Therefore, all circumstances and all people are perfect just the way they are. If we feel the need to change them, it reflects our fear of not being good enough and is motivated by the false hope that by fixing the situation or someone else’s problems, our own problems will also be resolved. It further implies a lack of confidence and knowledge that each one of us can only create or receive what is in our current highest interest, nothing more and nothing less. Trying to make things ‘better’ for someone who doesn’t ask for it will deprive them of a self-empowering opportunity to grow stronger in an area of weakness, and as such, has little to do with love. On the other hand, being there for someone who is in need, and asks for help, can open the hearts of all inv...Ver más
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