jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Every cell in the body, and the body as a whole, is constantly striving to achieve a state of balance or equilibrium. An obese body is a body literally bending itself out of shape to defend itself from being poisoned. It is a body that is way out of sync with itself.
Everybody also has an optimal body weight, one where the individual is not warding off potential threats and poisons. Losing weight the natural way means reversing the processes that led to a state of toxicity. It also means simultaneously creating an environment that is conducive to vibrant health.

Re-balancing involves many things. It means the ability to let go of past traumas to improve blood and lymph circulation, raising immunity and restoring your internal organs to function as they were meant to. It means healthy diet choices, getting sufficient sleep and at the right time, and detoxifying the body. During this purification process, the body is purged of toxins through a se...Ver más
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