domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Man is a spiritual being living in a physical body. His primary needs are of a spiritual nature and not of a physical one. It is therefore not human to look for physical gratification that does not enrich the spirit at the same time. The main purpose of the five senses of perception is to increase spiritual wisdom. Eating good food, lovemaking and other forms of sensual pleasure are wonderful means of self-development if used for this purpose. Sensory pleasure without a spiritual meaning, on the other hand, only gratifies the ego and not the spirit and cannot serve, therefore, to increase real happiness.

When you create a spiritual purpose in your life, then everything you do will soon become a means to enhance the vibrations of bliss in your life. If your body is sick, don’t just try to fix it; learn to find out what kinds of thought forms such as fear, anger, jealousy etc. within you have led to this predicament. You may also discover that a c...Ver más
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