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Andreas Moritz

Every time someone touches us with loving care or we do the same for someone else, an emotional exchange takes place that profoundly nourishes the heart. The expressions “He touched my heart”, “I felt so touched by his words,” or “It was so touching to see my old friend again”, show that the sense of touch is closely related to our physical and emotional heart, which is also the center of our being. To touch and to be touched is as essential to health as a balanced diet, if not more.
When American researchers discovered that prematurely born babies who are stroked three times a day increased their weight by 49 percent, they had unintentionally discovered the loving touch. As it turned out, loving touch – the scientific expression is kinesthetic tactile stimulation - became recognized as an effective method to reduce the time and cost of a baby’s stay in hospital. Loving touch (I prefer to use the less sterile and more human term for this precious gift of God) stimulated the babies’ production of growth hormones and thereby improved utilization of nutrients from the daily food ratio. The researchers did not realize that they had stumbled upon a major technique of healing that could be applied successfully to the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, and not only for prevention, but also for cure.

(This is an excerpt from the book ‘HEART DISEASE NO MORE!’ by Andreas Moritz)
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