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Andreas Moritz

Tiredness precedes any type of disease, whether it is cancer, heart disease, or AIDS. Although impaired liver functions, low immunity, and overeating can also cause fatigue, in most cases it results from a lack of quality sleep, that is, the sleep before midnight.
Some of the most vital processes of purification and rejuvenation in the body are initiated and carried out during the two hours of sleep before midnight. Physiologically, there are two entirely different types of sleep, as verified by brain wave measurements. These are before-midnight sleep and after-midnight sleep. Sleep that occurs in the two hours before midnight includes deep sleep and it is often referred to as “beauty sleep.” Deep sleep occurs for about one hour and generally lasts from 11:00 p.m. to midnight. During deep sleep, you are in a dreamless state of consciousness where oxygen consumption in the body drops by about 8 percent. The rest and relaxation that you gain during this hour of dreamless sleep is nearly three times as deep as you would get from the same amount of sleep after midnight (when oxygen consumption in the body rises again).
Deep sleep hardly ever occurs after midnight. You experience deep sleep only if you go to sleep at least two hours before midnight. If you regularly miss out on deep sleep, your body and mind become overtired and your stress responses become unnaturally high. Stress responses include secretions of the stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol, and cholesterol. (A part of the cholesterol secreted during a stress response may end up as gallstones.)
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