lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Metal dentalware is a constant source of poisoning and, possibly, allergic reaction in the body. All metal corrodes in time, especially in the mouth where high concentrations of air and moisture are always present. Mercury amalgam fillings release their extremely toxic compounds and vapor into the body, a reason why German dentists are prohibited by law from giving them to pregnant women. This product has been banned in a number of European countries.
If mercury is considered dangerous for a mother and her baby, it must be considered dangerous for everyone. The liver and kidneys, in particular, which have to deal with noxious substances, such as those released by metal fillings, become gradually poisoned. Cadmium, for example, which is used to make the pink color in dentures, is five times as toxic as lead. It does not take much of it to raise one’s blood pressure to abnormal levels. Thallium, which is also found in mercury amalgam fillings, caus...Ver más
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