lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Enemy Number One of the overweight or obese individual is processed foods including fast food, ironically billed as saviors of the 21st century. Breakfast cereals, energy bars, TV dinners, hamburgers, chili dogs, pasta, puddings and baked chicken. You pick them off the shelves, peel off the wrapper, eat most of them on the move or put them in the microwave.
They are time-savers, they are delicious and, why, they are even ‘nutritionally enriched’. At least, that’s what the label says. If you can get ‘all you need for a healthy start to your day’ in a bowl of breakfast cereal, you couldn’t ask for more, right? Not so fast. Falling prey to smart advertising spiel and convincing product packaging are more than 75 percent of Americans, whose breakfast consists of bright and colorful cereals.
Hiding behind labels such as ‘whole grain’, ‘high-fiber’ and ‘nutritionally enriched’ are a bag of chemicals - present in all processed foods - dumping chemical toxins into your body. Starting with your liver, kidneys, small intestine, large intestine or colon and connective tissue, these chemicals - artificial coloring agents, preservatives, food flavoring agents, refined sugars, refined grains, trans fatty acids and even fiber from bran - breakfast cereal could be escalating weight gain and taking your body to a toxicity crisis.
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