martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

People believe that gymnasia are the most appropriate work out places being equipped with all the mechanical and electronic essentials in fitness management. However gyms prove to be more of a liability to health rather than an advantage. Gyms are often the perfect breeding grounds for noxious germs. In fact instead of getting those dream biceps you could get thoroughly undesirable, relentless infections.
If you fail to take necessary hygiene measures, going to the gym can turn out to be a major health hazard instead of a health benefit. Germs creep up everywhere, right from the exercise equipment you use to the spigot on the drinking water fountain and damp towels. Locker rooms are nothing but ‘home-sweet-home’ to bacteria and fungi. The constant poor ventilation, warmth and moisture only superadded by the absence of sunlight, render the rooms pathogen-friendly. Locker rooms in gyms are equivalent to what agar culture plates are in labs - media for colonies of bacteria!
You can efficiently prevent the unwanted colds and risks of contracting the dreadful athlete’s foot, staphylococcal infections and other gym goers’ germs by avoiding these places and embracing the outdoors instead.
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