martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

You always create harmful side effects when you treat the symptoms of disease without removing its underlying cause(s). How scientific or reasonable can it be to treat a disease for which the cause remains obscure? How much medical expertise can a prominent oncologist claim to have if he treats your cancer without having a clue where it is coming from or why it has occurred?
One of the key problems is that today’s medical schools do not train their students to think for themselves when it comes to understanding the underlying causes of an illness. Medical doctors are required to follow a rigid protocol or treatment plan, and if they deviate from it, this could easily cost them their license to practice medicine. They may even end up in jail, like so many doctors who out of kindness and compassion have offered alternative, unauthorized treatments to their patients. Can we, therefore, reasonably expect to find out from the medical doctors and the ...Ver más
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