miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Vaccine producers are unable to guarantee that the vaccine will protect you against the flu. So they carefully tell you that the vaccine “reduces the likelihood of infection; or if you do develop the disease, it will be a milder case”. Some express the same uncertainty about their product in this way: “It is known definitely that influenza virus vaccine, as now constituted, is not effective against all possible strains of influenza virus.” Perhaps the best lesson of this effect comes from Japan. Compulsory flu vaccination in Japan (1967-1987) revealed no benefit and actually caused more flu- and vaccine-related deaths.
Why would you want to entrust your health to a cocktail of poisonous chemicals when even a somewhat weakened immune system stands a far better chance of protecting you against harm from a bout of influenza? Our body’s sophisticated immune system, which has evolved over millions of years, can certainly do a better job of protecting you against the flu than anything manmade.
All it needs is some basic caretaking on your part. With each new flu shot, on the other hand, your immune system becomes more depleted and the side effects become more pronounced and severe. And, you may still get the flu anyway.
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