domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Andreas Moritz

Start giving your loving attention to nature and you cannot imagine how much love you will receive back. Earth is ready to give abundance to those who love and respect her. If you feel you can, live your life with much more simplicity and with as much contact with the natural world as possible. You will find that nature is your extended self and a true and lasting source of pleasure here on Earth.
The short-lived pleasure you derive from consuming more than you really need is only a fraction of the lasting happiness you will get from sharing your essence with the creatures and things of this Earth. When enough of us start treating one another and everything in the natural world with the same respect and honor we ask to receive ourselves, all the conflicts, sickness and problems that plague us will subside. We are at the point in time where whatever we choose will be executed almost immediately, that is, liberation or devastation. Such is our power

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